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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #29

Prompt-and-Share Tuesday Torture! Nyah just kidding... A few weeks back, we discussed an extra sense, the sense of space. It was a fun a prompt - and today we are going to focus on another sense that doesn't fit into the typically "5 senses". The sense of Time.
In 400 words or less, take a character (or create one) into a scene that shows time. Year, time of day, hurried time, prolonged time... any "time" sense you choose to use.

Example: Moonlight rippled across the water as the children snuggled themselves into their sleeping bags, zipping up the sides to ensure security against the mosquitoes and other critters.

Okay not the best example, but you get the idea. Without "telling" we know it's night, or dark enough for moonlight. We know it's summer because of the mosquitoes. We know the scene likely takes place in the present or recent times because of the sleeping bag and zippers. Also the movement of time is slowed, there is no rushing here, children are wrapping themselves up for the night, which slows the pace.

Now it's your turn, show your "sense of time"

P.S. this idea originated from a lesson on senses in the Free online F2K writer's course. If interested, give it a look. I enjoyed it immensely.


  1. Zane was pulling on his coat. Melissa was downstairs. Melissa. Why had she come herself? He still had his doubts that someone so stunning, sophisticated, and just plain damned sexy had chosen to spend time with him. So what if she was a little demanding? It was more than worth it. And now she was waiting for him.

    The phone on his desk rang; its sound strident in the deserted office. He stared at it, buttoning up the topcoat. The display read "W Anders". Wallace was supposed to have been closing the deal with their new client today. Calling now meant either something extraordinarily good - or disastrous.

    His cell buzzed. One new text - from Melissa. "Hurry up."

    The desk phone blared again. What if Wallace hadn't closed?

    Images of the client, a cranky, bohoemoth of a man with a thick German accent and no sense of humour, flashed through his mind. For some reason, though, he liked Zane. They were scheduled to golf on the weekend, but first, there was the contract. He would have gone himself, except another client, worth almost as much, had been in this office today, demanding more service at less cost.

    The phone rang again. His cell buzzed again. It was a short video clip: Melissa, sitting in a limousine, in an overcoat of her own. She was unbuttoning it.

    If he answered the phone, he could be here for an hour. His cell buzzed again. Another text: "Leaving in 5. Wth r wthout u. :( "


    Zane decided.