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Monday, October 3, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #30

Prompt-and-Share It's Wednesday's First Sentence theme continuing on the Prompt-and-Share. We all know how important the first sentence is to any story, it grabs the reader and pulls them in. We've been taking the first sentence of famous novels and writing our own little stories with them. Today we are gonna steal from Ami Mckay's The Birth House.
In 400 words or less, write a short story/flash fiction starting with this as your opening line: My house stands at the edge of the earth.
Take it away folks!

“My house stands at the edge of the earth,” she said, sifting her tiny fingers in the sand.

“It does not!” he countered.

“Does too, there is a big cliff right off the porch and it just falls and falls and falls into the water.”

“No way stupid, the earth is round, there are no edges.”

She sat quietly for a moment, staring at the teeter-totter. Her eyes lit up. “Momma says we don’t live in the middle of nowhere, but she can see it from her bedroom window.”

“See what?”

“The middle of nowhere, silly.”

He shook his head, making tracks in the sand with his toy truck. “You really are stupid. Everywhere is somewhere so you can never be in the middle of nowhe…

“Ack! An ant! An ant! Kill it before it pees on you!” she screeched pointing at his arm.

He flicked the bug away and gave her the oddest look. “What is your problem? Ants don’t just go around peeing on people. Moron.”

“Momma said daddy moved us to a piss-ant town…”

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