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Monday, September 5, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #15

Prompt-and-Share Happy Saturday! Woot Woot long weekend! For the rest of the weekend we are going to expand on Friday's prompt. A weekend of supernatural adventures! Hey why not? It is the long weekend after all, so take a vacation from the mundane reality of this world and let your mind wander into an anything-but-natural world.
So today's prompt is inspired by +Drew Nicholson 's submission on Friday prompt. Here's the scenario: Death arrives to take you or one of your characters into the afterlife. Write out the scene that goes down between you or your character and death. 300 words or less.
P.S. +Drew Nicholson this does not give you an out - I want another submission from you!

My Submission: Dang I wish I had more room for this one, I could have gone on for pages! (I almost didn't post this on my blog site because it kinda sucks. I didn't have the space to convey all of the points I wanted to, but hey - even the crappy submissions deserve to be peaked at now and again)

"_Niiiiiinaaaa Pelletieeerr_ " an ominous voice woke me from my slumber.

"Who's there?" I fidgeted with my bedside lamp as the voice haunted the otherwise quiet room.

"_Niiiiiiinaaa Pelletieer_"

The switch on my lamp clicked on and the room illuminated. Standing before my bad was a black robed man holding a scythe. His hood hid the face that repeated my name.

"No, I'm Nina Pelletier, who are you?"

"_I ammmm deathhhhh_, come to take you" he paused to point a skeletal finger my way, "_awaaaaaaay_"

"Well it's about frikkin time" I said.

"Uhh... what?" he said, his voice sounding normal, if not a little deep.

I wore a t-shirt to bed, but figuring Death had likely seen it all, I flung off the covers and reached for a pair jeans that was thrown carelessly on a pile of laundry. "Is my sister with you? My dad?" I asked, while I zipped up my jeans and reached for my hair brush.

"You aren't going to argue with me? Bargain? Yell? Scream? Anything?" he sounded upset.

Normally I would have tried to console a stranger that I'd hurt in some way, but I was in a rush. "Look man, you've taken so many of the people I've loved and left me here behind to rot. I feel like I'm late for a party I wasn't even invited to. So, I'm sorry if I'm being a little short here, but can we hurry things along? I've got people to see."

Death's shoulders slumped as he bowed and shook his head back and forth in a slow rhythm.

"Is there going to be a lot of walking? Should I wear my sneakers or my heels? Probably sneakers right? Okay yeah, sneakers it is."

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