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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #13

Prompt-and-Share: Plot is of obvious importance to any story. Though stories can be very different, let’s focus on the basics. There needs to be a character in your story, at least one. It has to happen somewhere, so we need a setting. Finally we need a conflict and a resolution.
So from now on, Thursday’s are going to focus on a random word generated Prompt-and-Share focusing on plot. That’s right folks, we are putting some rhyme and reason into this chaos of Prompt-and-Share madness! The rules will be a little more strict, please adhere to them, they are there for YOU to learn how to work your creativity within certain guidelines.

#1 -At least one character
#2 – A conflict AND a resolution
#3 – Give us a setting
#4 – Your story must include the 3 random words chosen
#5 – No more than 250 words please
#6 – Have fun with it! Today’s random words thanks to http://watchout4snakes.com/creativitytools/RandomWord/RandomWordPlus.aspx

I'm stoked to see the diversity in the entries today.

My Submission: using the main character from my WIP:

Carrie gnawed on her thumbnail and bounced lightly on her heels waiting for the elevator to come to a stop. She needed answers, and beyond this cage laid her best chance of getting them. If experience had taught her anything, all questions could be answered with enough studying. So why not hers? There had to be something here on what happens to us when we die.

As the doors opened, the faint scent of mold and nostalgia slithered into her mind unlocking the memories of days spent with her father at their local library. She stepped onto the thin reddish carpet and headed to the section on death. She stacked every book on the topic with care, all sixteen of them, and balanced her way to one of the long oak tables with the green shaded lamps. Carrie had entered study-mode, and nothing was going to stop her from finding the answers she sought. She hadn’t considered the greatest nemesis to her quest: time.

Carrie gasped as the librarian disturbed her concentration by flicking the lights on and off to signal closing time. She glared at him before slamming her book shut and resting her head on the hard leather cover with a defeated sigh. Theories, so many theories swam through her mind, but as for answers, she had found none.

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  1. great idea! and i was going to suggest slowing down. i cant keep up! i just finished prompt 10 or 11...!