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Sunday, April 11, 2010

New idea in the brainstorming phase

I finally have a new idea that seems to be sticking. Well so far anyway. I'm in the brainstorming phase and I haven't quite figured out the details yet, but the story is starting to take shape in my head.

I have a tendency to like an idea until I hit a block where the story doesn't hit one of my criteria.

For me, the main storyline has to be:

#1 - Something I know about
#2 - Something very different
#3 - Something with meaning
#4 - I need to already know how it begins and how it ends, and the ending has to be awesome.
#5 - There has to be at least one character that is super different
#6 - There has to be a major twist even I wouldn't see coming

So far I'm 5 out of 6. We will see where it goes!
Wish me luck:)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New tool: Storybook

I found a new writer's tool online (well new to me at least) called storybook. It's free to download. I haven't had much use for it yet, as no ideas seem to be sticking, but it looks pretty handy.