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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #12

Daily Prompt-and-Share Happy Hump Day! Today we are going to work on our writing skills. Everyone should already know about the 5 senses, I think we learned about them in kindergarten, but for writers, there are more senses to consider. Thanks to a wonderful writing course I took, I learned of some of these extra senses that need to be considered, one of them being the Sense of Space.
You want to bring your reader into your scene and feel what your characters are feeling, are they stuffed in a coffin? In the middle of field? Being bumped around the streets of New York during rush hour? How much SPACE does your character have, if any?
Bring us with you, or with one of your characters, into a scene that focuses on the sense of space. 250 words or less please. NOT IN THE FIRST PERSON TODAY PLEASE.
If you are new to the prompt and share, feel free to click here for rules, tips and tricks. http://writingofanovel.blogspot.com/2011/08/about-writing-prompt-and-share.html

My Submission:

Jessica was used to the sand on the beach being silky smooth. She expected the soft pristine desert of warm golden silk to be disturbed only by her footfalls. Today, the sugary sand bled with dark patches of cold bulging dirt. The tourists had arrived, disturbing her oasis.

She could not hear the serene rhythm of the waves beyond the squeals of children. As she looked around for a place to set down her towel, a volleyball hit her on the side of her calf. Scantily clad teenagers brushed past her, throwing her off balance for a moment. With a huff, she dropped her towel and bag haphazardly onto a square-foot of unused beach and headed straight for the water.

She bypassed elderly people in chairs and adults sunbathing. She squeezed her way through a myriad of children splashing in the water, and young women squealing complaints as they entered the cold lake inch by inch. Shaking her head, she dove into silence and kept on swimming. She swam until the cacophony behind her became white noise.

Far away from the hectic beachfront, Jessica began to tread water in slow relaxed movements. She looked out at the blue vastness before her, then with a sigh of contentment, she closed her eyes and gave into the silence and peaceful serenity of solitude.

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  1. Very interesting post! I really enjoyed your submission. It definitely enhanced the 'sense of space'. It made me feel the feelings Jessica was feeling towards the people around her.