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Dante's Circles of Hell

First Circle Of Hell

A place for virtuous pagans. Those who lived a good life but were did not accept God into their hearts and therefore are denied entrance into Heaven. No tormenting happens, just great sorrow.

Second Circle of Hell

Whirling winds rape and molest those whose reason was overcome by their lustful appetites.

Third Circle of Hell

The hell for all of those who overindulged in food, drink and other substances. Punishment is to be blinded and unaware of others while lying immersed in stinky mud under icy cold, dirty rain. Cerberus guards this area and will nip and bite at the sinners.

Fourth Circle of Hell

Hell for those who are hoarders or who squander their money away on useless luxuries. Punishment for these sinners is to push back and forth heavy weights, crushing each other. Plutus dwells here.

Fifth Circle of Hell

This Hell is for those who unnaturally angry or sad. The wrathful fight on the surface of the swampy river Styx, while the sullen drown eternally beneath the surface.

Sixth Circle of Hell

Inside the city Dis, this hell for heretics displays the sinner entrapped in fiery tombs.

Seventh Circle of Hell

There are three rings of hell in this level. The Minotaur guards this area of those who committed acts of violence whether it be towards nature or God.

The first level houses those who have committed acts of violence against man. War-mongers and assassins alike are banished to this stench-ridden river of boiling blood. Those who try to escape are shot with flaming arrows.

The second level houses those who have committed suicide. A dead forest of thorny gnarled trees where harpies feast on the wooden remains of the dead.

The third level is for the Usurers. Those who lend money expected interest in return. This is violence against nature and art. Other violent offenders such as blasphemers (violence against god) and sodomites (violence against nature) are housed here. Their punishment is to reside in a fiery desert while flames rain from the sky, not unlike Sodom and Gomorrah.

Eight Circle of Hell


This hell is separated into ten ditches known as Bolgia

1- For panderers (pimps) and seducers. They are condemned to march along in opposite directions while being whipped by demons
2- For false flatterers, those who used lies to get what they wanted. They reside in human excrement. (for talking sh… err… crap.)
3- The area for those who committed simony. (The act of paying for for holy offices or positions in the hierarchy of a church) The punishment is to have their heads locked into rocks while flames burn the bottom of their bodies.
4- Sorcerers, false prophets and astrologers reside here, forced to walk about with their heads twisted on backwards.
5- Barrators (corrupt politicians) are dunked in a lake of pitch where Malebranch demons torture and torment them.
6- The Hell for hypocrites, who are forced to walk along in lead cloaks to heavy move in.
7- For thieves, who are chased and bitted by lizards and snakes. The poisons do numerous types of damage, stealing the thieves’ identities.
8- A hell for those who were fraudulent advisers or evil counsellors, each concealed within individual flames.
9- For the Sowers of Discord. A sword-wielding demon chops these sinners into pieces, they then resurrect so they can be chopped to pieces again.
10- Finally, in the 10th Bolgia, Falsifiers (counterfeiters, perjurers, impersonators) are afflicted with all types of diseases.

Ninth Circle of Hell

Traitors are to suffer by being incased in ice.

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