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Monday, September 5, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #16

Prompt-and-Share Happy Sunday of the Long Weekend Writers! For the rest of the weekend we are going to expand on Friday's prompt. A weekend of supernatural adventures! Hey why not? It is the long weekend after all, so take a vacation from the mundane reality of this world and let your mind wander into an anything-but-natural world.
Today's prompt was inspired by +Ayoub Khote 's submission to Friday's Prompt-and-Share. In the same spirit as yesterday's visit with Death, today we are going to take ourselves or our characters into the realm of Vampires. (Shush your groans, I know for some of you it's been overdone).
But in a world where vampires don't exist (assuming so) what would you or your character do if you were to meet one? Is the vampire an evil looking beast, or the dreamy specimen of perfection found in an Anne Rice novel? Do they sparkle? (heh) More importantly, how would you or your character react to such an encounter? The field is wide open for your imagination on this one. Loathe vampires? Go ahead and belittle them. Love vampires? Make the skeptics amongst us believe. 1000 limit word count today, to allow you the opportunity to voice yourselves.
(P.S. +Ayoub Khote you still have to submit Sir :P )

My Submission:

“The world is a vampire”, I sang into the microphone as the words scrolled across the screen. There was nothing like spending a loud Sunday evening alone with guitar hero to feel like a star, and to let the worries of the week before and ahead drown away in the undertow of the music’s flow. I bopped around my living sneaking peaks at myself in the full length mirror, admiring the way my hips moved and cursing the lack of strength in my knees.

I attempted the moonwalk and backed into a wall. I was momentarily stunned. There was no wall behind me in the mirror’s reflection. I spun on the balls of my feet to find my vision filled with a blood-red solid surface. I inched my gaze upward from what appeared to be a silk shirt, and looked into the face of an angel. I gasped, my knees gave way to liquid form and I fell backwards. He caught me, with about as much effort as it would take a normal human being to catch one of those multicolored, blow-it-up-yourself beach-balls. He had me angled to see myself floating serenely in the mirror’s reflection. There were too many thoughts running through my brain to count. He answered most of them in three words.

“I am vampyre” he spoke in a strange accent.

Okay so I was wrong about the “face of an angel” thing. It happens, I’ve been wrong before. New questions plagued my mind, one of which he answered immediately.

“I will no hurt girl.” I immediately hoped I was the girl he was planning on “no hurting”. The Smashing Pumpkins were cut off with booing from the crowd, since I had failed miserably to finish the song. I looked at the TV, the floor, the mirror,the floor and then the mirror again, trying desperately to decide what to do next. No decision was necessary, before I knew what was happening, I was sitting in my blue lay-z-boy chair and he was squatting before me so we were at eye level.

“I need, uhh…” he waved his hands around as if he could catch the words he was looking for from thin air, “refuge”. His eyes pleaded, my heart ached.

I looked at him blankly

. “Sanctuary?”

I continued to look at him blankly.

He made a tsk noise with his mouth, and I got the feeling he wanted to punch himself in the head. Better him than me, I supposed.

He smacked his chest with an open hand and said “I not safe.”He then touched my chest in the same manner but lightly and said “Girl not safe.”

I feel, in my defense, I must point out I’m usually a witty woman, full of crazy puns and mind-altering conversation, but at that moment, I just continued to stare blankly at the handsome figure before me.

He stood up and it took a moment before I realized I was now staring at his crotch. I tore my eyes away from the view and looked up, way up, to watch his face.

“I, Luther, protect girl while dark." He pointed to the window. "You, girl, protect Luther while sunlight. Yes?”

What the hell was I suppose to say to that? I mean sure, I didn’t have any plans, but what was I going to do with a vampire? Why did I need protecting? Why did he need protecting? When did vampires become real? Why didn’t he want to eat me? Was I not good enough? Why did he pick me? How did he get in? What was I going to feed him? Where was…. As the questions plagued me I saw a flicker of doubt shimmer in his eyes and his shoulders sank a little.

I reached for the microphone that had fallen to the ground, handed it to him and asked hopefully, “Do you sing?”


  1. I like that its a different way of meeting a vampire then I have read before. I'd be interested if you continued this story.

  2. Nice one, Nina! You've got a little "funny" in you as well - this is definitely the start of something you could continue, and just different enough to overcome some of the "same-old" that's out there.