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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #27

Prompt-and-Share Dialogue. I love reading dialogue, it’s my favorite part of a story, if done correctly. As many authors will attest to, if dialogue IS done correctly, no tags should be required. The character, the scene, the plot should all be visible through the speech text. So let’s give it a go.
This prompt was recommended by +Drew Nicholson
500 words or less, write in dialogue ONLY please.

Hints on dialogue for beginners:
1 – Dialogue is always done within quotation marks Example: “Hello there”
2 – Use single quotation marks when to enclose quotes within quotes Example “Helen said that she was an ‘unfit mother’ before she ran away”.
3 – Always start a new paragraph when a new person is speaking

“I despise you.”

“Yeah well, I hate you more!”

“No, I hate YOU more!”

Anyhow, you get the idea. GOOD LUCK!


  1. all dialogue! Oh my. I tried it one time in a short flash piece. a hundred words. But I'm not sure I enjoyed only the dialogue. I lack the humor many people seem to have.

  2. No need for humor Summer, here's my attempt at this exercise: http://writingofanovel.blogspot.com/2007/05/heather-knight-owens-pt-2.html