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Friday, August 8, 2008

Writing contest #2

Contest rules: Must be 150 words, no more - no less. Must include the words: eye, urge, grind, pleasure and business.

“I’m sorry father”, I began my apology. “I know you warned me against mixing business with pleasure.” I tried to look meek and apologetic, but the afterglow was apparent on my face.

“On my office desk, really son, how could you?” My father’s voice was thick with disappointment, a tone I was quite used to. Even as an adult, my heart sank when my father chastised me.

It was time to take a stand. I stood up straight and approached my father looking him straight in the eye. “What could I do father?” I asked with a wicked grind in my voice. “How can I apologize for the urge a young man gets? You’re just upset that I got into your new secretary before you did.” The look of shock he displayed pleased me. “I’ll be sure to tell mother you said ‘hello’.” I turned on my heel and left.

Contest #1

This is the first contest entry I submitted.
The Rules: 150 words exactly, no more, no less. The story must include the words: Preliminary, contrary, yellow, dying and draw.

My Submission

“Forget them” I said. Since I had already won the preliminary round, I knew I had the right stuff to win the art exhibition, despite what they said. Words of jealousy and hatred, that’s all they are.

They think I can’t do it. On the contrary, I am quite skilled. In fact, since I was a child I could draw, paint and sculpt masterpieces. I’ll show them creativity, I’ll show them what avant-garde really means. I’ll make them eat their words!

I’ve tried my pallet in blue, yellow and green but they just won’t do. Red, blood red, that’s the color to show my passion. Wait until they see the work a true artist creates when they give everything, even their last breath.

With blood as my pallet, my torn fingers as brushes, I will show them I’ve got what it takes to create something great, art worth dying for.

I won first place with this submission, click here to see the contest thread