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Friday, September 2, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #14

Prompt-and-Share Happy Friday Folks! What a great week of submissions, thank you all for participating:)
Now it's time for some Funky Friday Fun. The rules are relaxed today, but let's try to stick by them as much as possible. I'll even be open with the word count, try to keep it under 500 words pretty please.
So here's the scenario - you or your character are stuck on a deserted highway with another person who has super powers (any power of your choice). Take it away folks! Have fun with it, go anywhere ya like!

My Submission: Including a MC from my WIP

Luc never had any use for children. This particular 9-year old walking with him on the deserted highway between Port Hope and Cobourg was no exception. Had he been alone, Luc could have made the trip in the flash of an eye, but he had heard a lot of blah blah blahing about how easily kids could be traumatized. He tried to ignore the game of running around in circles the little tyke had decided to play and focused on the long walk ahead of them.

The kid stopped running in circles and began jumping on his right foot in stride with him. “So what’s your power Luc?” He asked in a high pitched voice befitting a little girl.

“What makes you think I have any ‘powers’?”

“They wouldn’t have sent you to get me if you didn’t have powers too,” he said, as he switched to hopping on his left foot.


The boy gave up on hopping all together, walked a few steps ahead of Luc and pretended to play swords with an invisible opponent. “Do you wanna know what I can do?” he asked.

Luc continued walking, cursing his new found babysitting duties under his breath. “Not unless it involves moving rapidly to our destination.”

“If I stand perfectly still and concentrate” he gasped for air, breathless from the imaginary sword play, “real hard, I can become my surroundings.Watch!”

The child stood still as death, he didn’t even appear to have a pulse. Luc ignored him and kept walking.

“WATCH!” the child cried out. “Luc you aren’t watching,” he whined and ran up to Luc tugging on his pale blue scarf. “Watch me Luc, watch me! Luc, watch me do my trick Luc, WATCH!"

“ALRIGHT!” Luc hollered and stopped dead in the middle of the road.

The child blinked twice, debating between tears and triumph. He skipped past a picnic table on side of the road and leaned against a lamppost. Luc watched as the previous stillness overcame the boy. Within moments, there was no distinguishing between where the boy had stood and the lamppost itself; they had become one.

Luc’s eyes widened and his jaw hung slightly ajar. Within moments the boy re-appeared with a huge smile spread across his innocent face. “Cool huh?” he asked.

Luc nodded.

“Wanna see what else I can do?” the boy asked with mischievous pride.

“Sure.” Luc muttered.

The boy ran over to the picnic table and laid on it as if his body had become a board. Luc waited, but nothing happened, the child just laid there stiff.

After a few moments, Luc asked, “What are you doing, child?”

“Duh!” he turned his head to look at Luc before resuming his position. “I’m planking of course.”


“Yeah, it’s so cool!” he said, getting up from the table. “If you had a camera you could take a picture and we could post in on Flickr!”


The child sighed and shook his head. “You old people don’t know anything.” He walked a few steps ahead, leaving Luc to stare after him in wonder.

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