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Monday, August 22, 2011

Writing Prompt and Share

You can check out old prompts to the left under The Pages Within. Today's Writing Prompt: 200 words or less - You're a thief who just got caught breaking and entering in someone's home. Explain your side of the story in hopes of getting yourself out of the situation. (1st person narrative)

If you attempt this writing prompt, please leave your submission in the comments below. If you choose to post this writing prompt and your piece to your blog, please leave your link below se we can read your work. Don’t forget to comment on your fellow writer’s work. Have fun and Write On!

My Story:

“Mr. Stoneworth, please explain again what you saw when you entered the kitchen”, the officer inquired, pencil and pad in hand.

“When I entered the kitchen, I spotted this…” he eyed me from head to toe with a malicious glare, “vagrant, scouring through my refrigerator. I aimed my pistol at him and advised him not to make a move. I have three small children to protect here.”

The officer jotted down his notes while nodding, giving the odd appearance of a bobble head doll. “And you Sir? Do you have anything to say for yourself?” He asked without looking at me.

“W-w-we were cold sir. We were hungry. We didn’t think anyone was home. It being the holidays and all. We’re sorry…” I tried to look humble.


Shit. I had to think fast. “Me and my dog Sir,” I said pulling out a stuffed toy from my pocket. “We were just so cold and hungry…”

Sympathy appeared in their eyes and I knew I wouldn’t be seeing any jail time this Christmas. I silently cursed Pedophile Pete for leaving me here. Where was he? Upstairs with one of the children? Or had he heard the commotion and fled?


  1. I like your entry for this- specially the stuffed animal- nice touch.

  2. Fun prompt! Here's one take:

    "A'right...its kind of a funny story," I said.

    "Not that funny," said Constable Lewis.

    "Hear me out. We was drinking. A lot."

    "That much I believe."

    "Anyways, I says to Georgie, that if the fleckin' Buds blow another overtime, he can have my TV - 'cause I ain't watchin' anymore."


    "And what? You seen the score tonight, no?"

    "It wasn't your TV to give."

    "Of course not! Sorry. Of course it wasn't. It wasn't even my house."

    "That's the problem. And if there's a point, get to it."

    "Me and my neighbour, right? Two doors away? Well, our front door keys fit both locks, his and mine."

    "Your neighbour? The one who turned you in."

    "Of course he did, I had his TV. But I thought it was my T.V."

    "Your houses look the same. That's your excuse?"


    "What do you mean?"

    "That's the only difference between Bill's brownstone and mine. I have a bathroom in the front hall. He's got a closet, right?"


    "And that is why he probably turned me in. Not 'cause of the T.V. at all."

    "I think you're full of shit."

    "Not anymore."

    "You filthy bugger. Get back in that cell."

  3. Thanks! here you go! yours is great! sick, but great!

    The lights flash on as I'm walking up the stairs. I'm almost blinded!

    "Seymore, it wasn't that bad," says a woman's voice and I make a dash for a bedroom closet.

    "Grace, you know my delicate constitution cannot abide such a distasteful meal!"

    “Of course,” she murmurs as she enters. Great, I picked their room.

    “What, dear?”

    “Nothing. I think I’ll draw a bath.”

    “Well, I am starving. I’m going to the kitchen.”

    He heads back downstairs. The woman turns on the water and blindly throws clothes into the walk in closet. I wait for my moment to get away.

    When her back is turned, I slip out but hubby catches me. He’s got a chicken leg in his hand.

    “Ho there! What the devil are you doing here? Grace!”

    I make up a quick story, “Sorry to bother you. I used to live here and forgot some valuables in a secret compartment in the closet.”

    “What? Where? You’re just a thief!”

    “No, really! Go look. It’s in the back under the vent.”

    “Grace! There’s a burglar here! Call the police!” But he goes into the closet to check. I shut and barricade the bedroom door and make my escape!

  4. Chris! BAHAHHAHAHA!! I love it! Perfection. The prompt didn't say the story had to be convincing, just the effort to get out it. Brilliant!

    Tara, nicely done woman! I was a little confused at first, but caught on quickly. Both are awesome submissions, thanks for playing!