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Friday, August 26, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #7

Today's Prompt -and -Share: In 200 words or less, describe something you or your character is passionate about. Feel free to submit two entries, one for you and one for your character. Your goal is to try to make us feel the passion your character or self feels about the topic you choose. Dig deep and good luck all:)

My Submission:

Beautiful, syllabled, amazing words.
Tell me something,
Make me feel
Take me to places unreal.
Fuel me, buzz me, make me high
Laugh, surrender and sometimes cry
Bold and strong and never shy.
Teach me, reach me,
Flow free.
Build worlds just for me.

By: Nina Pelletier

For more information on the Prompt-and-Share click here.


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  2. It was worth it, thought Alex. He fought past the last of the clawing, scratching branches into the clearing, arms and legs cris-crossed with tiny bloody smears. Mosquitoes whined in his ears, and took their price for his intrusion.

    But it was worth it. Far below him, waves crashed ceaselessly into the limestone cliff face. Among the tangle of jagged boulders, pieces of timber were snagged like toothpicks in a giant's craggled smile.

    Alex sat down at the edge. His heels touched nothing. He could see forever across the bay; and there, at forever, the bottom arc of the sun was dipping its toe. He watched, and his eyes watered. Yellow became orange, and orange became red. The rolling whitecaps were loaded with crimson as they hastened to cast themselves at his feet. He wept. It was not because of the sun.

    So much had been lost, but here he was now. And crimson became purple. And stars pierced the indigo veil.

    And it was worth it.

  3. I like your take, Nina - if we writers didn't love words, we wouldn't do this - that's a nice reminder you've given us there. :)

  4. Chris this is so beautiful and raw, and not funny at all. I'm pleasantly surprised and truly touched by this piece. (Not that I don't love your humour, cuz ya know I do.)
    Next time I have an obstacle to overcome that suggests there is beauty on the other side, when I'm fighting my way along the path, I will remember your words - it will be worth it.
    May I share this piece on google+? I'll link back to your site of course.

  5. Thanks Nina.

    Sure - go ahead and share this, if you think others would like it. (Can't wait to try out Google+ when they open the doors back up!) I specifically wanted to not be funny (though the impulse was there), as I was getting afraid you'd think I wasn't taking the prompts seriously!

  6. I found your blog, haha. Now I can subscribe, and you can count on some ad clicks from me but I'll be sure too look for ones I'm actually interested in.