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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #6

Your Character shuffles loose the mortal coil for two minutes. (Let’s just assume they can be resuscitated after that). In 150 words or less, describe what your character sees or experiences during those two minutes. 1st person point of view please. Click here

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It’s so quiet, too quiet. I’ve been in a sound proof room before, but it wasn’t this quiet. Something is missing. Something important is missing. It’s way too quiet. Don’t panic. Think. Breathe. Wait! That’s it. Oh my God. I’m not breathing. There’s no blood rushing to my head. There’s no heartbeat. There’s too much quiet.

Ok now is the time to panic. Go ahead Carrie, panic. Why aren’t I panicking? I don’t feel anything. Nothing at all. Am I sitting or standing or lying down? I can’t feel a surface. Am I floating? Dammit, why can’t I panic?

Yeah my character Carrie is a bit of a spaz.


  1. I like the way you approached this Nina, tying it to sensations, and the way she slips into over-analysis - it shows true character.


    I've put one together, but as serious as the last prompt was... yeah.


    ...What the hell happened? Where am I? Maybe that beer bong full of vodka was a bad ide...

    Oh... holy shit... that's me laying there...


    (1 minute, forty seconds later)

    .... AAAAAAAGHHHHHHhhhhh. Agh. A. a.

    Hey... the doctor's got the paddles out. Get to it, doc- spark me up!


    Huh. That felt kind of funny, even though I'm not there. Do that again!


    Yeahhh. I think it's working...


  2. ROFLMAO! Chris, only you could do this to death, LOL! I love it of course:)

  3. those are great! even in death we are all unique! here is my version,

    What happened?

    Oh, I remember now. That truck ran the red light and...Wait! He hit me?! And now I'm...I didn't make it? Damn him!

    Oooo. I mean darn him! I don't want to ruin my heaven chances now!

    Ok, I need to get a grip. This feels like a dream. I can control a dream. Won't hurt to try.

    Wow, I can fly! I can see myself. Someone is pulling me out of my car. I don't look too bad. But my car is definitely totaled. My husband is gonna kill me! Oh wait, no he won't.

    Now the guy is trying to revive me. Come on, Dude! You can do it! Pound harder! There you go!

    I felt that one! Whoosh, like a vacuum I was sucked back into my body!

    I slowly wake up. I know I'm alive. Everything hurts!

  4. I'm glad your enjoying them too Tara! They have been so much fun. We might actually be making a monthly collection of each - free of charge of course. (Donations will be welcome and sent to firstbook.org)
    I love your piece, as usual. My favorite line is
    "Damn him! Oooo. I mean darn him! I don't want to ruin my heaven chances now!"