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Monday, August 22, 2011

Google+ and Writing Prompts

Dear Crew of Inspiration,

I've been having a blast with Google+. There are some amazing people on there, writers, authors and artists of all shapes, sizes and levels of experience. Lately I've been posting writing prompts for google+ members to join in and expand their writing inspiration.

My last prompt went close to viral. As close to viral as anything I've ever posted has become. The outcome was amazing. I swear, the creativity amongst fellow writers never ceases to amaze me. You can check the prompts over on the right side bar.

The first prompt I put up was pretty fun. Here's the prompt and my submission for it.

Flash fiction, 150 words no more, no less. The first line of your flash fiction should start with the first line of one of your favorite songs:

My story: Artist: Poison. Song: Fallen Angel.

She stepped off the bus out into the city streets. Melanie breathed deeply as she took in the hustle and bustle of New York City. At first glance, it was everything she expected it to be, a myriad of people rushed around her. Horns honked and engines revved. Melanie hadn’t imagined the smell would be so different from the country air at the farm.
The photograph in her hand took flight and landed in a puddle near a dirty sewer grate. Without thinking, she rushed to retrieve her precious token. She reached down into the nasty cesspool to rescue her treasure, smiling at the face of her son looking back at her, the son she had never met, the son she had come to New York to find.
Melanie gasped and spun around as a horn blared. She saw a flash of yellow. Tires screeched before the world went black.

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  1. ooo i like that! you make google + tempting, just to participate in your prompts! put em here too! please? (not jumping into schmoogle just yet)