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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #9

Today's Prompt-and-Share: Pick an immediate family member (brother, sister, mother or father) and write from their Point-of-View how they feel about you as a person right now. This prompt can be used by a relative of one of your characters and how they feel about your character (this is a great character development and back story exercise).
Here's a song to get you in the mood for this prompt if you are choosing a family member that has passed away.

My Submission:

For my WIP. From my main character's father's POV

I stand beside her though she doesn’t see me. I smell her hair and she doesn’t feel me. I watch her tears and I can’t wipe them away. I speak but she can’t hear…

“My dearest Caroline, it’s torture for me to stand idly by and behold what you are doing to yourself, sweet child. You knew this was coming. You knew that death was hovering, anxious to relieve me of my pain and suffering. I fought him only for you, but I couldn’t fight forever.”

I want to hold her in my arms and soothe her splintered heart, rock her as I did when she was a babe, but alas I am no longer… I am no longer…

“You must stop obsessing, my darling child. Death is no place for the living to spend their days. You must stop Caroline, for when you look too deeply into the abyss, the abyss looks back into you. I can’t protect you on this path sweet girl. Watching your soul suffer, helpless to father you along the way, is a Hell beyond any nightmare I had imagined.”


  1. Nina- that's both touching, and revealing - it sounds like you've got a great story in the works!

    I've never been a "fan-fic-er", but for some reason, this prompt made me write the following:

    "Dear Dad,

    I don't want anything to do with you, but they tell me that if I don't share my feelings with you, then they will eventually get too big to deal with. So, I wanted to let you know a few things, as I sit here in the hospital. Hating you.

    1. Where the hell have you been? All my life, I was told you were dead - by my soul crushing uncle who would just as soon have seen me work my fingers to the bone, even though we have robots - why is there people even farming anymore? We have sentient robots?? Anyway, my uncle's the least of my worries since your buddies f*cked him and my aunt up. Thanks for that. Then, I hook up with this crazy priest who tells me not only is my dad dead, but that YOU killed him. Now, without any role models left, I get sucked up into the this religious nut's game, and for some reason we're carrying around a robot that doesn't work right. You know what we'd do if the toaster stopped working? We'd get a new one. And if it started talking about stuff it still had to do? I'd start yanking wires out until it shut up. But - the toaster doesn't show videos of a hot chick, so - I don't know.

    2. You're kind of a dick. First you killed my uncle and aunt, THEN, you chop off my damned hand, and only THEN do you drop the bomb that - hey - YOU are my Dad. Surprise! Couldn't have just sent a card, huh? At the very least, maybe you could've led with that; before, you know, the hand chopping thing.

    3. You're kind of a disappointment. As fathers go- I liked it better when I thought you were shot down in the war. I mean, Toby's dad was killed in the war too. It was one of the things that made us friends. Now, it's like, you might have shot his dad down too. And the people fearing you thing? Not that impressive. People would fear me too, if I could choke their shit with my mind. You know what impresses people? NOT KILLING THEM. You know, try using your WORDS some time.

    I'm going to end here, because typing one-handed sucks bag. Suffice to say that one day, I hope to see you again, and then I'm going to cut something of yours. I haven't decided what yet. Maybe a foot. Yeah, that'd be good.

    Get f*cked.

    Luke Badass (the name "Skywalker is dead to me."

  2. Seriously Chris? ROFLMAO! This is too much. I've got tears stinging the corners of my eyes, I laughed THAT much. You should send this into a sci-fi magazine, no joke. It's hilarious!

  3. Glad you enjoyed, Nina! (As to sending it someplace - I'm just as happy to let these ones be "freebies", as they're doing me more good getting the pen going than anything else.)

    That said - once I get the chance, I may re-post this on my own (+), just for fun.