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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #37

Prompt-and-Share Friday! Woot woot, Hello weekend :)
We have a bunch of new participants to the Prompt-and-Share which is very cool, diversity rocks! Welcome all!!! Anyhoo... yesterday, setting seemed to be an issue for some folks, so guess what we are focusing on today? You Betcha. Character development. Nyah just kidding, we are focusing on setting.
But that's pretty boring on its own so let's spice it up a notch shall we? Let's hit the 5 main senses (smell, touch (texture), sight, sound and taste). I know what you may be thinking, Setting and taste?!? Is she mad?!?! Well yes I may be, slightly anyway... But that's beside the point. This will help you get all imaginative and stuff. And just because it's Friday, we've gotta make it hard as hell add a little extra fun to it, right? NO TOM SWIFTIES! Which, in this case means very limited adverbs. And since I'm not cool enough to go through and check each sentence for an adverb, for today it simply, easily and obviously means no words ending in "LY".
So there is your prompt folks - it's a toughy... or should I said it's harsh_ly_ difficult!

So a recap:
- Focus on setting
- Use all FIVE of the main senses
- No Tom Swifties! (Words ending in "ly")
Word count limit - 500.

For the new contributors: WELCOME and please leave feedback where you can. Also you can check out the tips, tricks and rules at http://bit.ly/rcsGtF

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