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Monday, October 3, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #33

Prompt-and-Share Through all of the computer crap I've dealt with this weekend, including losing all of my writing folders (which included my novel) I kinda slacked on the Prompt-and-Share. I'm still going crazy trying to get my newly reformatted computer to behave properly, but regardless, I'm here to give you your prompt for Character Development Monday! Ain't I a trooper? (that was my passive-aggressive way of begging your forgiveness for missing Dialogue Sundays)
So here is the prompt! You or your character have a fear - at least one I am sure. Give back story on why you or your character have said fear. Use of distinctive dialogue will gain you extra points (there is a point system? Well... no. But work with it) since we missed Dialogue Sundays.
400 word limit

“What’s your greatest fear?”

I just looked at him. What kind of question was that for a first date? He sipped his wine, not once breaking eye contact with me. The question and the intense stare made me nervous, though I was uncertain as to which affected me more.

I forked around the food on my plate and chewed on my inner cheek while contemplating an answer. An honest answer. I would not start another relationship without complete honesty.

Spiders? Yeah they freaked me out. Bugs of any kind really… Falling. That was a fear for sure. My mind probed further, deeper and my throat clenched at the thought of losing my mother. That was a big fear, but I shooed it away and went deeper.

Somewhere inside of me there was a flicker. I remembered how I trusted her and him and him. All of them. The closest people in my life. My heart shivered against my pink blouse as memories of betrayal, murder and lies flooded my thoughts. The people I loved and trusted the most had committed unspeakable acts of terror on my very soul, and here I was, allowing myself to be vulnerable again. Who was to say this man across from me, in his beige Dockers and pressed blue shirt, wouldn’t do the exact same thing?

In a moment of clarity, my fork clanged to the ground and metallic ooze flooded my mouth as I bit my cheek a little too hard. My greatest fear was simple and horrific. I feared my own judge of character.

I fought back the sting of tears as I fiddled to get my fork from under the table. With a deep breath I sat up straight and met Blake’s concerned gaze with a flirtatious smile. I signaled the waiter to bring me a fresh fork and answered his question nonchalantly.


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  1. sorry for all your glitchiness! computers are wonderful when they work and damnable when they lose your stuff (like a boyfriend, ha ha)
    i'll see what i can do!