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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Writing Prompt-and-Share #42

Prompt-and-Share Happy Friday all!
It came to my attention yesterday that some people are confused as to what the Prompt-and-Share actually is. For those who are wondering, it's a myriad of things, but first and foremost it is a call for short stories/flash fiction. The premise is to take the prompt I put before you and weave a tale to share with others. Feedback and comments on every piece is encouraged! Mainly, the Prompt-and-Share is a probe for your creative muse and a sharpening tool for your skills. Plus it's great entertainment:) That pretty much covers it, but for more detail, feel free to check out the Prompt-and-Share tips, tricks and rules page here: http://writingofanovel.blogspot.com/2011/08/about-writing-prompt-and-share.html

On to today's prompt:
It's another No Swifty Friday! (No adverbs, or in this case, no adverbs ending in ly ) Take a lyrical phrase from any song you like and use it in the piece. Please verify at the end of your post, which line was the lyric and what song it was from. 400 words or less, NO SWIFTIES! :)

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