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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poll Results are In

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote on the poll.
The questions was:

When aiming for a target number of words written per day, do writings such as journals, long letters, blog posts, articles etc. count towards your goal OR does your word count only work towards a long piece such as a novel or article for publishing?

The results were:
every word counts: 42%
Words to be published count: 0%
It Depends on another factor: 42%
Only words for a novel count: 14%

Between these results and the comments left here, as well as on facebook's Writer's Inspiration page I've come to the conclusion that it's one of those things that typically work as "To each their own". It's an individual choice.

Thank you all again for participating!


  1. I'm late, as usual, chiming in on this discussion. :) I write in a composition book everyday. It's where I vent, where I record milestones, where I make lists, where I remember. I don't count it in my daily word count, but I do think it COUNTS. Most of my stories have started as a journal entry that grew too big, too fast.

    All that being said, I stopped keeping a daily word count a few months ago. :( Real life kept reflecting back at me every time I sat down to write, BUT today I'm starting fresh, 500 words a day. :)

    Hmm, now that I'm here though, I have to put off the 500 words a little bit longer because I see a post I simply have to read: Does your writing scare you?? Mine scares the heck out of me so let's see what you have to say about yours.


  2. I would get more done on my wip if I shut off the internet.
    Yeah, right. Like THATS gonna happen. LOL.