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Monday, June 13, 2011

Luck in the Lost

Those who follow me on Twitter already know that my computer ate up over 2500 words of my first chapter(or more realistically, I forgot to save after a re-write... pfff.. semantics). This brought on days of soul-crushing self-pity and loss of self-worth. I couldn't write a word (ok, in all fairness, I wrote words, just nothing productive). I couldn't eat or sleep (well, I slept, but I tossed and turned for hours first) and then (oh and I ate too, maybe a little here and there...) finally, last night, in the turmoils of trying to sleep in my manor (by manor, I mean small little apartment) inspiration struck me like a lightning bolt driven by Zeus himself! (or maybe more like a lightning bug flickering in a field, but you get the idea).
So this morning, I got up with the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas morning (meaning, when I got out of bed I didn't curse and swear at the morning light) and jumped right on to the computer to start typing away at my new and revised first chapter... again. (After I had a smoke, checked my gourmet ranch and had a few sips of tea of course.)
The results? A much more intriguing opening chapter! YAY ME! I'm nowhere close to the 2500 words I lost, but I got the ball rolling. Here's hoping it doesn't hit a snag and stop dead. Oh, and I remembered to save at 5 minute intervals (and by 5 minute intervals, I really mean whenever I actually remembered to.)


  1. I feel your pain! I once lost several thousand words and it took me days to get over it and start writing again. Good luck!

  2. gotta love it when a bad thing turns into a fantastic thing. :)

  3. That's the way to do it Nina! Don't let lost work get you down. You have an endless well of creativity, don't be afraid to use it!

  4. @Steven - thanks for feeling my pain and letting me know I'm not the only one who's lost their work. By the way, I still can't follow on your blog.

    @Lynda - Always tryin' to look at the bright side of life:)

    @Diego I was beginning to wonder if Timmy fell down my well of creativity, causing commotion and chaos -- luckily, someone fished him out and it's smooth waters for now!

  5. Good for you Nina :)

    It will be even better this time.