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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why I Write Blogfest

First, a big “THANK YOU” to Kayeleen for hosting this blogfest. A second big “THANK YOU” to Tara for telling the blogging world about it.

Why do I write? Well, I tried playing the lottery to become rich and famous. Living at the Four Seasons in New York City and jet setting to exotic places around the world while surviving on haute cuisine and room-service, seemed to be an appropriate way to spend my time. But, the lottery? That seemed WAY too easy. I want risk and adventure! So I decided I must pursue my dreams the hardest way possible. Nothing good comes easy right? And what path, pray tell, has the least odds of monetary success? Well writing of course! So here I am, pursuing my dreams by walking the hardest and most bumpiest path I could fathom.

Yeah ok, you caught me. That’s not quite the reason why I write, but it’s a nice cover story. I’ve been keeping a journal since my early teens, and we are going to pretend that wasn’t very long ago. When thoughts piled up in my head, I’d put them on paper, it was the best way I knew how to clear my mind. I didn’t study writing, not on my own or the conventional way of schooling. I did, on the other hand, take a personal interest in spirituality and different religions and spent a good part of my twenties studying them on my own time. This left me with a whole lot more of those pesky thoughts that needed to be written down.

I started writing novels and short stories here and there. Then I would abandon them to the calls of life, work and so on. To make a long story short, or well, less long… after my sister’s murder the thoughts became overbearing. They NEEDED to get out. It wasn’t pesky little nagging voices anymore, more like screaming banshees stuck in a blender. There was no more work to be done, not much of a life to get in the way anymore, finally I didn’t just need to write, I had TIME to write.

So here I am, writing my little heart out – or more appropriately, writing the screaming banshees out. Oh, and well, being an avid reader has played a pretty important role in my choices as well.




  1. I LOVE this post! I really like earning my money the- 20 cents to the hour- way as well. It builds character :)

  2. Screaming banshees huh? (lol)

  3. I haven't won the lottery yet either. Darn. I think I'd still write. Like you says, it clears the head. Wow, you must have some powerful thoughts for those events in your life.

  4. adventure! That is it right there. great post!

  5. You made me giggle over "doing it the hard way." Yes, my lottery plan hasn't worked out yet, either.

    Sister's murder? Wow. I am so sorry. That's a horrible thing to have to experience - but being to express yourself via writing must help, a little. So glad to have e-met you through this Blogfest. Writing in Flow

  6. I haven't won the lottery yet either. Of course, not buying a ticket may have something to do with it. ;-) Writing is addictive. Even when set aside, we always seems to find our way back. I'm glad I had the chance to meet you through this blogfest. I'm now following. Happy writing!

  7. With regards to the lottery ~ I'm not really a gambler ... so since you have to be in it to win it , seems like I won't stand a chance of winning anytime soon or in the distant future !
    I loved your "cover story" ~ *giggles*
    Great post !

  8. The Cars lyrics came to mind, "Doesn't matter where you've been, as long as it was deep" while I was reading this.

    Sounds like it was deep! I'm glad you're writing it down.

  9. thanks for the shout out!
    some say a good artist has suffered, well i think you have suffered enough and soon the world will know how good you are!

  10. Lovely! You made me laugh and choke up in the same post. The banshees that scream at my house are my kids. Someday, it will just be my stories.

    Thanks for participating today and nice to meet you!

  11. Sorry about your sister's murder--I know it's not much coming from a stranger. I think you have a great voice ( banshees stuck in a blender). I wish you all the vest in your writing and ALSO at winning the lottery. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Good summary of what got you into writing. I'll have to remember the "screaming banshees in a blender" and use it sometime.

  13. @small town shelly brown - I know, right? It sure beats winning the lottery

    @Linny - they are everywhere I tell ya!

    @M Pax - Yes I think I would still write too - but I'd be doing it from a penthouse sweet, the base of the pyramids, or perhaps a small cafe in Paris.

    @Summer Thanks Summer, and thanks for stopping by:)

    @Beverley - Thanks for joining, I think I've been following you for a while now ((cue bunny boiler music))) ;)

    @Sylvia - Right back at ya babe!

    @Mish - Thanks Hon, Nice to meet you!

    @Christine - Oh the cars... "You might think I'm foolish..."

    @Tara - You know it's funny you should say that - I was afraid I could never be a good writer because I had such an awesome childhood. I think I should write a post titled "Think you can't write because you had a good life? Don't worry, there is plenty of time for things to get worse" - Now how is THAT for inspirational? Teeehee

    @Kayeleen Thank you so much for hosting this, it was tons of fun! I'm glad you laughed:)

    @cherie - Thanky ou for noticing that I have a "voice" because all the books say we as writers need to find ours. I've looked everywhere for mine... I think the dust rabbits under my bed ate it.

    @sharon - Teehee, everyone needs a few screaming banshees in a blender to drown out the noise.