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Monday, January 17, 2011

Stretching to pat my own back

I finished my goal of outlining all parts of my novel, that I have figured out, up to this point. I also managed to add 458 words to the novel writing itself, bringing me to a grand total of 958 words. Of course 90% of those words will probably be thrown in the trash can during editing, but what the hell... you can't edit what's not there, right?
In addition to my oh-so-very-productive-novel-writing-bout, I also managed to sneak in the time for a brief writing contest, a visit to my mom and I watched the golden globe awards. My life is so exciting, how do I contain myself?
For now I'll be running a hot bath and mulling over what happens next in my novel while I soak.
Check out the Contest entries above and follow the link to read my latest piece of work.


  1. I wish you the best of luck with this process. I also have been putting together a novel and as much work as it is, the thrill of living through fictional characters is phenominal. No one who hasn't experienced this could understand. I think more about the life of my characters (John and Jessica) almost more than my own like.

  2. I completely agree Jay, it's nice to be in somebody else's head for awhile.

  3. I will definately try to help you out and give you some feedback, but I'm an amateur myself.