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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Does your writing scare you??

I recently entered a contest on writing.com that has me a tad bit worried. I begin to wonder if Stephen King ever re-read his own work and thought to himself "Dang! I am one twisted F%ck!"
Have you ever written anything that has scared you? Something that has made you wonder what dark recesses of your mind came up with that story? Have you ever written something that has made you wonder if you need deep psychological help?
I would love to hear that I'm not the only one out there that is disturbed by what comes out of them when writing.


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  2. (sorry, last post had a typo)

    Everything I write scares me (and usually others), especially knowing that so far, I've always held back the worst...

    And I really fear psychological analysis on the basis of my work or anything in it going boomerang on my daily life. That way I would lose my artistic freedom, which is my worst nightmare.

    On a more cheerful note... Now you've got me all excited and worked up about wanting to read that dark twisted tale of yours... :D

    Btw, Paige says congrats for winning the in-thread contest on the post, don't know if she stopped by here too, so I thought I'd tell you, from one seriously disturbed mind to another ;)

  3. Well because of your awesome blog and your curiosity, I managed to figure out a way to add my contest entry stories onto my blog. It wasn't easy for this untechnical gal. So Stories - have a look under the contest entries tab and let me know what you think. More specifically, please let me know if the links work...lol.

  4. All the time! In fact, sometimes I'm afraid to show people my writing, because I don't want them to think I belong in a mental ward. I don't know if Stephen King was that way, though. If you're famous and looney, they consider you eccentric. So, the solution would be: become rich and famous and noone will dare judge your crazy!

  5. Hey Nina,

    the new page looks great, and all the links work :D

    And what exactly did my curiosity do? LOL

    Did you just do the links manually or did you convert the tags? I did my list of stories manually, which was a lot of hard work and I'm not exactly looking forward to updating it, which might require starting over. I'm trying to figure out a way to generate pages with lists on the basis of tags and I'm not very good with technology either, so if you know how to do that, that would be great...

    Let me know.

    All best wishes.

  6. Hey there stories, you wrote "Now you've got me all excited and worked up about wanting to read that dark twisted tale of yours". Which got me working on that extra page:)
    I am really not sure what "tags" are, except the ones that are attached to lovely sale items in department stores:)
    I wish blogger would let us post to new pages in blog format like our main page.

  7. Yeah, I agree. That would make life (blogger life, is there any other kind?) so much easier...