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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prompt-and-Share: Character Development Writing Prompt

Prompt -and-Share Happy Thursday everyone!

We are going to play with a little character development today. Introduce us to a larger than life character. Pick a name, any name, and go with it, describe the person to us with a little flare.

If you would like, just ask and I'll provide a name for you and you can create according to whatever that name springs up.

Since this is a character introduction, let's keep it short, no more than 200 words.

Have fun!

My Attempt

Mr. Crowley was as rickety old man with a squeaky old mind and creaky old joints. He smelled of mothballs, denture cream and that moldy scent that accumulates on a dish towel if left damp too long. No smiles ever graced his creased old face, just a permanent sneer. The cane that never left his hand was as old and rotted as he appeared to be and just as grouchy as it clunked and stomped the ground with each of Mr. Crowley’s steps.

Though his appearance suggested an easy target for the mean-spirited taunts that often plagued the mouths of naughty children, everyone in the neighborhood gave Mr. Crowley far more room than such a small man required. There was no apparent explanation for why nobody would look him in the eye, why the thought of gossiping about the mysterious old man never occurred to the nosy housewives or the golf-playing businessmen.

But Mr. Crowley knew, for in the folds of his dusty jacket laid the secrets of the universe and the power to harness and control more energy than the feeble little minds of Pennywash Lane possibly fathom.


  1. The image you create with your description of this old man is excellent. I'm curious about your progress with your novel? I've been trying to write one myself and it has posed a greater difficulty then anticipated. It wasn't until 195 pages in that I ditched my story altogether and decided to start fresh. Perhaps we could help each other out?

  2. I've started so many different novels now that are sitting idly by waiting for some attention, I wouldn't know where to begin.
    My creative mind hasn't been at its best lately. I'd love an encouraging partner though - so whatchya go going on with yours?

  3. I played freeplay role play and created different characters for different stories. I decided to combine them into one story. Hope this helps. :)