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Friday, February 17, 2012

Prompt-and-Share Writing Prompt


Two challenges in one today. First on our agenda is to focus on setting. Bring those sense to life! The picture below is where your scene plays out.

The second challenge is to be very distinct in the voice you us to describe the setting.

Spend a moment looking at the picture below, then write write write! 250 word count limit.

(picture taken from :http://paperdump.blogspot.com/2011/04/blog-post.html?showComment=1329318439283#c9074766231858070304 )

My Attempt:

Caroline Walker’s heels clickity-clacked on the weathered boards making an echoing sound not unlike a pair of polluted peg-legged sailors rushing down the dock to lay wood at the nearest whorehouse. She huffed and puffed and cursed under her breath as she wondered what in the name of all that was unholy possessed a gentleman like Hugh Montgomery to request she meet him in such an unrefined setting.

Weeds licked at her Manolo Blahniks like tiny green tendrils reaching up through the boards to grasp at her feet. An occasional breeze attempted to mess with her perfectly coifed and heavily sprayed upswept hairdo. She covered her nose and mouth with a thickly scented handkerchief so that the breeze which sometimes allowed for the fresh scent of green grass and meadow flowers to penetrate the cloud of expensive perfume that surrounded her being like its own ozone layer, would be fended off appropriately.

She spotted Hugh at the end of the dock and stormed up to him. One deep breath to contain her anger and then she let loose.

My Crazy Aunt Mimi used to say,” she made the sign of the cross and darted her eyes heavenward. “That you should never piss in the shower if you’ve already washed your feet. Now she may have been loopier than a slinky on a rollercoaster ride but she had her points. So why, pray tell, have you dragged me out to such an,” she swatted at a cloud of gnats that formed around her face, “uncivilized, backwoods, country hellhole when we were perfectly content at the fundraisers ball?”

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