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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Writing Prompt - Tarantinoed

Adam Boeing posted this writing prompt the other day. Below you will find the instructions and my effort at following in the prompt. Bear with me, I hadn't written in a while and I'm still getting back in the groove of things.

Adam's Prompt: Tarantinoed! Write the end of a story as the beginning, then give the rest of the story. Do not give anything away. :P

My attempt at doing the prompt:

She stood naked in front of the full length mirror. Her hand spread wide, palm down on her stomach just above her belly button, she twisted her frame slowly to examine all angles. Lips pursed, she shook her head at the widening her hips had done without her permission. Her gaze moved up to her breasts and her pursed lips spread into a smile as she admired their perkiness. She twisted a little more to catch a glimpse of her back side, smiled wilder, and then faced the mirror, full-frontal, once more.

A moment passed, her mouth turned down into a frown as she studied the spot above her navel that her hand concealed. Reluctantly, she glided her hand to her hip, revealing the deep red scar that turned her otherwise fine figure, into a monstrosity of tortured memories. She stared deeply at the reflected revulsion, getting lost in the pinks and reds of torn tissue. Pinks and reds with silver strands. Pinks and reds....


Pink and red hearts floated as if by magic, lined with silver tinsel along the archways, the tables, the doors and the chairs of the restaurant. Pink and red roses with wisps of baby's breath spouted from crystal vases on the white linen-clad tables. Leanne's chipper smile greeted the Valentine's Day dinner guests as she showed them to their seats.

She loved her first job out of high school, a hostess in her small town's best restaurant. She loved her boyfriend, Bruce, who she would be meeting after her shift. A bubbly feeling filled her heart as she sat her parent's at a special table. She hugged them both tightly and wished them a Happy 25th wedding anniversary.

As she sat guest after guest, Leanne's mind wandered to her future. Next year, when she was away at University, would Bruce still be waiting for her on Valentine's day with a stuffed bear and chocolates like he had for the past 2 years? She shrugged the idea aside, of course he would. It was her last coherent for three weeks.

When she awoke in the hospital, in unspeakable pain with a shroud of drugged confusion veiling her thoughts, she prayed to return to oblivion. Days after she awoke, when the police arrived to take her statement, the only words she could manage to form were to ask questions instead of answering them.

A week passed before anyone explained to her what happened in the time she had lost.

A man had used chloroform to render her unconscious. A stranger. Not a resident of her fine little town, not a patron of her lovely workplace, not a person in her perfect little world. A stranger had taken her and done unspeakable acts to her young pristine body. A stranger had spent hours violating her before carefully carving out the center of stomach. A janitor had spotted the light on in the cellar of the elementary school and went into the cold unforgiving basement to investigate - stopping the strange from... nobody dared to imagine what would have come next.

Leanna knew what he had done, it took her some time to figure it out, but she knew. When she was unconscious to the world, and he had her in his grasp, he cut her open to insert a monster into her very being. That monster ate the love she had for her boyfriend and replaced it with repulsion at the slightest tough. The monster devoured her content and fed her anxiety and malice in its place. It stole her light and filled her with darkness.

Deep beneath the scar, under the red and pink and silver lines above her navel, an evil parasite had been planted. The light reflected off of the silver razor blade as she held it to her stomach. Orderlies pounded hard on the door but Leanne ignored them. Red and pink flashed in the mirror before her as she cut and tore to get the monster out.

If you take a shot at this prompt, please leave a link below so I can take a gander. All comments and feedback are welcome :)


  1. that was awesome! great prompt, great execution!

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