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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Book Review: Between - A Novel by Cyndi Tefft

Between by Cyndi Tefft

What a fun little read! Quirky and fast-paced – that’s the good part. When I read the overview of the book I was immediately drawn in. It was a cheap buy, and I love anything to do with Heaven and Hell and well… whatever lies in “Between”.

I also thought the title was a clever play on words, my perception was that it was about a ‘Tween. A ‘Tween stuck in the between. I was wrong, there was no clever suggestion in the title. My bad.

When I read the intro to the book, the second book (I’ve read on my new Kobo Vox which I love love love,) the author mentions Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. My brow furrowed at the reference, because I am a HUGE fan of that series and I was a little confused by the reference. Regardless, I trudged on and was soon enveloped in the MC’s world.

Until the leading man showed up. And the similarities between this character and Diana Gabaldon’s whole world were unforgivably obvious. Right down to the surnames. If I hadn’t been such a fan of Gabaldon’s work, or, the author of Between hadn’t made the connection ahead of time for me, I may have been able to look past it. But, even the pet-names that the leading man Aiden calls his beloved MC Lindsey, are the same that Gabaldon’s leading main Jamie, calls his beloved Claire. Influence is lovely and imperative, but I’m afraid this novel may need to border on Fan Fiction as oppose to original content.

Regardless, I liked the story. It was, as I said before, quirky and fast-paced. The religious aspect got a little heavy for me at times, and the love blossomed a little too fast, but it was a short book. Without giving away any of the good stuff, I will say that the author takes the reader on one crazy roller-coaster ride in a VERY good way.

Now, I rounded the end of the book, I became furious, knowing there was no way this story could be completely wrapped up in the pages that were left. The questions left unanswered were too many and too crucial to the lives of the characters to be left unaddressed. Luckily, as I finished the novel, the overview for the next book became available which basically described that those incomplete storylines would soon be taken of. WHEW!

Key evidence to me that this was a good read, and well-told, is that when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. It got under my skin that way, which is a good thing.

Help a fellow Indie-writer out! Purchase Between for only $0.99 cents! It’s a hell of a ride.

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