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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And so it begins...

Ok well not really. It began years ago. I've been trying my hand at novel writing for some time, but this specific journey pretty much begins now. Like most writers, my creative juices for a novel are running a good part of the day. I play scenes and characters out in my head, often for hours while doing other tasks. It gets pretty busy in there sometimes and I find myself having to purposely shut my thoughts down. I hope it's the same way for most writers and that I'm not just a freak on that one.
So today I read the first chapter of my How-To book (if you want the title of this book just ask, but I won't post it publicly). It makes promise of some good ideas, but I have to say, the amount of typos (like words being completely omitted from a sentence) is a little disconcerting. Regardless, it's a start.

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