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Friday, August 8, 2008

Writing contest #2

Contest rules: Must be 150 words, no more - no less. Must include the words: eye, urge, grind, pleasure and business.

“I’m sorry father”, I began my apology. “I know you warned me against mixing business with pleasure.” I tried to look meek and apologetic, but the afterglow was apparent on my face.

“On my office desk, really son, how could you?” My father’s voice was thick with disappointment, a tone I was quite used to. Even as an adult, my heart sank when my father chastised me.

It was time to take a stand. I stood up straight and approached my father looking him straight in the eye. “What could I do father?” I asked with a wicked grind in my voice. “How can I apologize for the urge a young man gets? You’re just upset that I got into your new secretary before you did.” The look of shock he displayed pleased me. “I’ll be sure to tell mother you said ‘hello’.” I turned on my heel and left.

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