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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Art of Brainstorming, Part 1

I added a part one to the title there because I'm guessing there will be quite a few articles on brainstorming. So reading along in my how-to book, I reached the part on, you guessed it, brainstorming. While reading this section my fears from my previous post were subsided. Apparently it's pretty normal to phase out like I do when thinking about a storyline or character. Yay to not being insane!
So here's my current set-up for brainstorming:

* I have a nice red binder filled with lined paper and dividers to add notes, ideas and such into. I'm going to make a few "pocket" pages to keep little articles or pictures or stubs of paper I might use on a whim to jot an idea down. (Making a pocket page is as simple as taking a piece of paper, folding over 3/4 of the page and either stapling or gluing it to make a pocket.)

* I have my favorite red little LuLu Lemon gift bag that holds all sorts of stuff like colorful highlighters and pens, paperclips, books I use for reference and such.

I assume eventually I will graduate to a bigger bag and a few more binders or journal books to write in as more ideas come to mind, but for now what I have should work out just fine.

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