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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Support request

Hello everyone! I'm reaching out to the blogger community for support with the anthology that will be publishing my story Apocalyptic Erasures! The Kickstarter program... well... it has Kickstarted (smirk) and so I'm here to beg on bended knee (okay not really, I have a bad knee, but theoretically...) for your support.

Here's the link to the program and all of the fun The Memory Eater swag you can get for your bucks :)



  1. Looks like the project is off to a good start, I will give what I can to help out. :)

  2. Thanks a bunch Diego! Every bit helps, and I appreciate it immensely!

  3. I also pledged. I think tis project is a very worthy sort of thing. And I'm sorry about your knee.

  4. LOL! Thanks Tim! I really appreciate the support :)