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Thursday, May 17, 2007

A paragraph of senses

I, along with hundreds of others in the rat race, was shuffling along trying to get to work on time. The crowd slowed its pace as a sound from the distance became increasingly louder. Someone bumped into me from the rear as I came to a dead stop and dropped my morning coffee to cover my ears from the blaring assault. Confusion overtook me as the earth shook beneath my feet. I lost my balance and fell to the ground smashing my face against the sidewalk. The mob of people ignored me as I attempted to raise my head to spit out the metallic ooze invading my mouth. Shoes trampled over my back and legs sending hot pain through every fiber of my being. A flurry of pant hems rushed before me as I grasped for air. One moment I was facedown in a pool of my own blood, the next I was being flipped over and found myself staring at dark a fast-moving cloud in the sky. A large man with a dirty and heavy-bearded face was holding me in his arms and pushing his way past the crowd. With every step, my body protested in agony. We finally stopped in an alley, one I recognized from my daily walks to work. I rolled my head away from the stench of my rescuer and looked up at the skyline to see flames and smoke shooting out from the tower that housed my office. My body went limp in his arms; the last thing I heard was the sound that triggered the anarchy rapidly approaching again.

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