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Friday, December 31, 2010

New site, New friends!

I spent a large part of my day yesterday checking out different blogs. I even entered a writing contest which involved a real challenge: 150 words, no more no less (and for a very long-winded person like myself, you can imagine it was a toughie) and it must contain the 5 random words that were chosen.
For this specific challenge the words were: Yellow, Dying, Contrary, Draw and Preliminary. You can check the contest out here
So what I thought would be a fun little exercise in creativity turned into so much more. I found a community of other writers blogging right along with me. What an unexpected treat!
If you happen to know of any other writer’s blogs worth joining, please leave a note with a link to their site.

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  1. Hey Nina, really liked your entry into the contest. Glad you're discovering the writing community here at blogger, I'm still trying to get into myself.

    Anyway, if you haven't already check out my blog post about my new project: Gallery No. 3 - a showcase blog for aspiring artists of all sorts. Hope you can help us make it successful.