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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Winter Wonders: Call for Submissions!

Scriptorum Tantillum’s Call for Submissions!!!

In the northern hemisphere, Winter is coming, and with it, come the winter holidays -- not just Channukah, or Christmas, but the old holidays of yore: Yule, Mōdraniht, Winter Solstice, Samhain, Saturnalia, Imbolic, Festivus, Sadeh and more. (find more holidays at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_winter_festivals)

Write a story or poem of winter, inspired by one of these holidays, or any other winter holiday you can find, or even just the season of Winter itself. Write a story or poem of heroes or everyday people who were inspired by the holiday to do inspiring things.

You must give us the name you want used.
You must give us an email so we can contact you.
You must not go over 1000 words.
You must indicate your approval to have an illustration in your story.

Unlike the Letters To Your Ten Year Old Self, we're not going to be accepting every entry, so we will announce which stories made the cut two days after submissions close.

Please send all submissions in Microsoft Word format to scriptorumtantillum@gmail.com with “Winter Holiday Submission” in the subject line.

At the top right of your submission and in the body of the email, please include the name you would like associated with the piece as well as a valid email address.

**Deadline for submissions is November 25th**


  1. Yay, YAY, yay!!! *claps hands like a seal*

    Let's get down to business... ;)

  2. Looking forward to seeing you strut your stuff Stories :)

  3. I hope so Heather:)
    'Tis the season to be inspiring!

  4. I am a new follower and really glad I found you. I am trying my hand at writing, because I really truly believe that writing is my calling....(I think). I have been doing some of my own writing here: http://www.fishingfromtheshore.blogspot.com. I am enjoying it so far.
    I would really like to get involved in the winter story submission. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. I hope you do Angie! It's bound to be a lot of fun. Who doesn't want a little inspiration around the hustle and bustle of the holidays?
    It's always nice to meet another writer, I found your blog and I'm following along :)
    Pleasure to meet you!

  6. play bazaar

    play bazaar Having a visible link to unsubscribe is a good idea.